So, what’s this all about then?  Along with two fellow Togs (Photographers), whom I’ve never met but have got to know through our mutual love of photography and various online groups we contribute to and their personal blogs, I am doing  the ‘Run, Stretch, Burn’ 8 week plan. 

Here’s the hilarious bit …. it’s an ‘Olympic get-fit programme!’ set by the ‘experts from team GB!’.  :-)   For anyone that knows me and my love of exercise you’ll realise why this is soooooooooooooo funny, but I’m up for a challenge and it’s not as if I’m not already super busy and have even more spare time!

So, how does it work?  I had to complete a questionnaire, the a, b, c type and score myself.  I knew I would be the lowest, but I still completed it!  I was right! :-(  – I am BRONZE LEVEL and here’s what the experts said about me.

“Fitness has not been a priority in the past (no kidding!), but you are keen to make amends! (Yes, that’s true – I made a promise, a new year’s resolution!) You probably avoid endurance activity such as running and cycling because it is tough and leaves you breathless!  (well yeah, I am unfit!  Ooh, and not forgetting running would give me two lovely black eyes!!)  Likewise resistance work has never featured strongly in your plans. (What is resistance work – do sit ups count? Although I can’t do them either!)”

Tracey and Carla, you’re way ahead of me, and no, I’m not brave enough to blog my before picture or to publish to the world my vital statistics (although I have recorded them for prosperity) – all I will say is that where you’ve started I’d love to end up!

Day 1 – 20 minutes exercise – 1 minute running, 1 minute walking – I managed about 30 seconds, walked 5 minutes and so it went on!

Day 2 – Burn – standing on one leg with my eyes closed trying not to wobble all over the place, or collapse in heaps of laughter, tuck jumps, me jumping – well I managed a few inches off the ground, box press ups, trying to touch the floor with my nose, oh dear I was really giggling by this time – but I tried!

Day 3 – 3 mile walk – a fabulous almost 5 mile coastwall walk from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle and back.  I earned a few bonus points I reckon for taking the long route part of the way along the rocks.

The beautiful views from both sides of Dunstanburgh Castle :-)  So, where was I?

Day 4 – Rest – woo hoo!

Day 5 – 20 minutes exercise, varying between walking and running – more brisk walking for me!

Day 6 – stretching – which included; lying glutes, cat streches, standing quads, standing calfs and hip flexors.  No amount of reading the instructions, looking at the pictures could get my body into those positions, but I tried, in between laughing at myself!

Day 7 – rest – another woo hoo!

So, week one has been completed, not entirely in line with the programme, but it’s a start!

Thanks to Tracey and Carla for your support – I certainly need it!  Let the fun of week two begin!

Until next time,

Catherine x

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